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Information regarding Pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire

The companies of Attica Holdings S.A. (Attica Group) with the trademarks Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, its headquarters at the corner of No 1-7 Lysikratous Street and Evripidou Street, 176 74 Kallithea, are collecting personal data in accordance with EU 2016/679 & Law 4624/2019 for the purpose of compliance with the relevant guidelines of the Greek authorities, for domestic itineraries, as regards preventing and dealing with COVID-19 cases, as well as for reasons of protecting the public interest in the sector of public health, acting, where applicable, as jointly responsible with the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy. The declarations in question shall be kept on board the ship, in its archive, for a time period that is in accordance with the provisions of Greek law and shall not be disclosed to third parties, unless the law or the guidelines of the Greek Authority require they be retained for a longer period and/or be additionally transmitted to the competent authorities. 

More information regarding the exercising of your rights is available here.

For a more detailed update regarding the processing, please see the relevant post on the website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy at​ under the section: Passenger Guidelines and Questionnaires.