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Porto Heli:
A Greenery Seaside Town

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Discover Porto Heli

Porto Heli, the seaside town surrounded by greenery in the south of the Argolid Peninsula, is one of the most popular resorts in Greece and a particular favourite of the international jet set, thanks to the natural beauty of the area and its five-star hotel infrastructure.

It is a place of discreet luxury, where you can also take part in a range of outdoor activities or escape to the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf. And for lovers of history and culture, there is nowhere better from which to tour the legendary archaeological sites of the Peloponnese.

3 memorable experiences in Porto Heli
  1. A visit to elegant Kranidi, a fairy-tale town with neoclassical stone houses, a wonderful Folklore Museum, and picturesque windmills. The village stands on the pine-covered hills of Agia Anna and Bardounia, overlooking the Ermioni headland, and is an ideal place for a day out. Don’t forget to take a tour of the area’s traditional olive mills.
  2. Day trips to the cosmopolitan islands of Hydra and Spetses, or inland to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the historic city of Nafplio, or the archaeological site of Mycenae.
  3. A visit to enchanting Ermioni, a cosmopolitan town with the atmosphere of an island and luxury villas situated in a landscape of extraordinary natural beauty.
Beaches of Porto Heli

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the area is reflected in its beaches. Most of those near Porto Heli have excellent amenities, while the alternatives further afield are more secluded. It is worth discovering:

  • Porto Heli beach, in the town’s enclosed bay. This small strip of sand with a crystal-clear sea has a superb view of “Elli’s Tower”. The amenities are good, there are watersports and a café-bar, and is easy to get to on foot.
  • Hinitsa, one of the most popular beaches in the area, on the road from Porto Heli to Kosta. The small stretch of coast with golden sand and pine trees overlooks the island of the same name and has excellent amenities. There are tavernas, cafes, and watersports here, as well as tennis and football facilities.
  • Ververonda, at the famous lagoon, just three kilometres from Porto Heli. This pebble beach owes its name to the Berber pirates who once hid here to escape their pursuers. It is surrounded by pine trees and has very good facilities, while the turquoise sea is said to have a healing effect. Surfers are attracted here by the strong breezes in the area.
  • Kounoupi, a lovely spot with sand and small pebbles, crystalline waters, and views of the island of Kounoupi. It is located to the north of Saint Emilianos.
  • Golden Coast, the beach of the pine-covered peninsula of Saint Emilianos, with its shallow azure sea and pretty church with a view of Spetses. There are no amenities here, so make sure you have everything you need before you go.
  • Kosta, near the charming village of the same name, with its wonderful sand and shallow blue sea, suitable for young children and families.
Postcards from Porto Heli: 6 things not to miss

The ancient city of Halieis
Porto Heli’s most important attraction was gradually uncovered in an archaeological excavation on the other side of the bay between the early 20th century and the 1960s. The important finds preserved in the ancient city range from a stadium and temples to clay pots. Much of it is now underwater, including the Acropolis (436 BC) with a colonnade from the temple of Apollo, and some of the ancient port walls.

“Elli’s Tower”
If you choose one of the itineraries to Porto Heli, visit “Elli’s Tower”, a particularly well-preserved and imposing mansion.

Saint Emilianos
At the southern tip of the Argolid Peninsula is a lush green headland with luxury villas owned by wealthy Greeks and foreigners. The church of the same name, situated on a hill, has great views of Spetses, especially at sunset.

This small coastal village, a crossing point to Spetses, is notable for its impressive villas.

This beautiful old fishing village is famous for the wooden caiques once built at its historic boatyards – and for the shrimp served at its tavernas.

Franchthi Cave
This is one of the most important caves in Europe, where the oldest prehistoric human skeleton in Greece, dating back 8,000 to 10,000 years, was discovered. Located on the coast north of Kilada, from where it can be reached by boat, it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Tastes of Porto Heli

The culinary offerings of Porto Heli meet the requirements of a cosmopolitan destination both in terms of variety and quality. First and foremost, it is a paradise for lovers of fish and seafood. In the ouzo bars and fish tavernas along the coast, you can enjoy a range of mezes; for more sophisticated fish dishes, book a table on an atmospheric restaurant terrace with a view of the sea. Of course, there are also plenty of picturesque family tavernas serving traditional Greek home-cooking, while in the restaurants of the area’s five-star hotels, lovers of fine dining and luxury can sample the latest international trends in gourmet cuisine.

If you choose one of the ferry tickets to Porto Heli, you will have the opportunity to try these unique dishes.

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