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A Beautiful Little Island

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Discover Kimolos

Kimolos is a beautiful little island in the south-west Cyclades, north of Milos. The Venetians called it Argentiera, meaning “silvery”, a reference to the grey-white cliffs that rise dramatically from the sea. It is a place of extraordinary volcanic landscapes and amazing geological formations, not to mention thermal springs, idyllic white sandy beaches, and seas in every shade of blue.

This miniature paradise with typical Cycladic scenery and hospitable inhabitants is an ideal destination for lovers of quiet holidays and outdoor activities. Authentic and dazzlingly photogenic, this magical land of chalk and porcelain promises unforgettable experiences to anyone who comes here for a relaxing holiday, as well as to day-trippers from nearby Milos.

3 memorable experiences on Kimolos
  1. Touring the ancient bentonite mines at Prassa, an otherworldly setting resembling a white desert.
  2. If you choose one of the ferry tickets to Kimolos, don’t forget to visit the impressive sea cave at Gerakia, with its shallow turquoise waters and volcanic rocks.
  3. Discovering the more than 300 chapels dotted about the countryside.
Beaches of Kimolos

Kimolos is blessed with idyllic beaches of unique beauty, where golden sand and aquamarine waters are surrounded by white volcanic rock. They are sure to suit every taste, whether you are looking for somewhere with tourist amenities or a spot that is more secluded.

  • Saint George’s (Prassa): The island’s finest beach has exotic scenery of white sand and blue-green waters. There are magnificent sea caves nearby for exploration, with Saint George’s Church in the background. It has umbrellas and a canteen, while there are also thermal baths here.
  • Karas: This enchanting cove is surrounded by white rocks that make excellent diving platforms.
  • Alyki: A large beach with plenty of sand and pebbles, and tamarisk trees to provide some shade. It is fairly exposed, so the shallow azure sea is ideal for windsurfing.
  • Ellinika: Snorkellers and lovers of archaeology come to the island’s west coast to see the submerged ruins of an ancient city here.
  • Bonatsa: Large and sheltered, with soft golden sand, shallow azure waters, and tamarisk trees providing shade. It is ideal for families of young children and has umbrellas and sun loungers. There are beach bars and nearby eateries for food and snacks.
  • Mavrospilia: An attractive beach with dark sand and flat pebbles. The gorgeous turquoise sea conceals archaeological treasures at the bottom, while the imposing “White rocks”, a famous local sight, are also situated here. Stay until evening for the enchanting sunset.
  • Kalamitsi: An extremely popular beach with a view of the strait between Kimolos and Milos. It is a mixture of sand and shingle, with fantastic waters in every shade of blue.
Postcards from Kimolos: 7 things not to miss

Kimolos Town
Built at the foot of Xaplovouni Hill, the island’s charming capital incorporates the remains of a medieval fortress settlement (14th-15th century) and stands out for its Aegean architecture. Walk the picturesque alleyways with arches, covered passages, and whitewashed homes with fragrant flower-filled balconies. This is the recreational heart of Kimolos, with its many cafes, restaurants and bars.

The Archaeological Museum
The exhibits in the main museum on Kimolos date from prehistoric times to late antiquity. They include an impressive ancient grave displayed just as it was found during excavations.

“Geronikola t’Apsila”
One of the most remarkable sights in the Aegean, these huge grey-white volcanic rocks dominate the island’s north coast. It is worth coming by boat to admire them from the sea.

The Church of the Pantocrator
This lovely church on the top of Xaplovouni Hill has excellent icons by painters in the Cretan School. Stand in the courtyard to enjoy the view of the Aegean.

This rare geological monument, a striking stone formation sculpted by the wind into a mushroom shape, is a famous local landmark on Sklavos Hill. It has views of Kimolos’ western coastline and neighbouring Milos, and is reached via a magnificent hiking trail.

This heavenly little islet just off Kimolos is an exotic paradise of breathtaking natural beauty. Its rocky coastline conceals beaches with extraordinary volcanic rocks, sea caves, and turquoise waters. The excursion boats that stop at Mersini and Blue Waters offer great opportunities for snorkelling and diving.

This fantastic spot is situated next to the picturesque fishing village of Goupa. The beach, with its incredible blue-green waters, is set against a huge white cliff and a row of sirmata, traditional boathouses painted in bright colours. The area is dominated by a rock that has, over time, been eroded by the wind and the salt air into a shape resembling an elephant.

Tastes of Kimolos

The traditional local cuisine has a wealth of unforgettable recipes, such as goat with koulouridi (handmade tagliatelle). The island is also renowned for its bread and pastry products, especially ladenia, a kind of pizza with tomato and onion, but also tirenia (a tart made with manoura cheese), elenia (olive bread), and kolokithenia or flaouna (courgette pie).

You should also sample mouth-watering mezes such as eggs and capers, octopus stew, fried calamari, snails, and sun-dried-tomato fritters. To satisfy your sweet tooth, choose melopita (a cake made with honey and soft mizithra cheese) and a preserve made from xylangouro, a long thin species of melon that grows locally and is known in English as an Armenian cucumber. Enjoy the island’s finest food by choosing one of the itineraries to Kimolos!

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