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The Cosmopolitan Resort of the Peloponnesian Riviera

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Discover Ermioni

Built on a pine-covered headland at the southern tip of the Argolid Peninsula, this beautiful town is distinguished by its strong island-like character.

Like nearby Porto Heli, it is a popular resort on the Peloponnesian Riviera with heavenly beaches, fine seafood cuisine, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Its attractive harbour is an ideal base from which to explore the islands of the Saronic Gulf or, looking inland, historic archaeological sites.

5 memorable experiences in Ermioni
  1. Enjoying the view of the headland from Krothi Hill, known for the chapel of Saint Gerasimos built in the “island” style.
  2. Visiting the lush green village of Thermisia, with the imposing remains of a 12th-century Venetian castle, and walking round the lagoon, an important habitat for migratory birds.
  3. Discovering the enchanting waters of Ermioni Bay. You can learn the secrets of underwater exploration at the diving centre on the island of Kappari.
  4. If you choose one of the ferry tickets to Ermioni, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the charming and historic town of Nafplio or the extraordinary archaeological site of Mycenae.
  5. Visiting the world-famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, a stunning achievement of architectural and acoustic design.
Beaches of Ermioni

The crenelated coastline of the Argolid Peninsula has dozens of beaches, both large and small, to suit every taste. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover:

  • Kouverta, stretching around an idyllic bay with dark sand and tranquil azure waters. In the summer, this wonderful location attracts large numbers of visitors thanks to its excellent amenities and beach bar. The sea is good for diving and snorkelling.
  • Sedoni, which has plenty of sand for playing on and fairly shallow waters, making it suitable for families with young children.
  • Maderi, a favourite of young people, who gather here every summer to enjoy the gorgeous setting and the turquoise sea. It is situated right on the town’s coast and is easily accessible on foot.
  • Petrothalassa, one of the area’s most popular beaches, with heavenly scenery and enchanting colours. Situated to the east of Porto Heli, it combines sand and pebbles with deep, strikingly blue waters.
  • Lepitsa, near the seaside village of Kilada. The beach stretches around a lovely cove with golden sand and shallow aquamarine waters that are suitable for families with young children. For snacks or food there is a canteen and a fish taverna.
  • Dardiza, with sand and shingle, where the crystal-clear sea becomes gradually deeper. It has some of the best beach facilities in the region, including a canteen, and lies 4 km from Ermioni.
  • Thini, near the village of the same name, with white sand, bright blue waters and tamarisk trees for natural shade. There are no tourist amenities here, so make sure you have everything you need before you go.
Postcards from Ermioni: 6 things not to miss

Bisti Forest
The end of the headland is a pine-covered idyll with fantastic sea views and an important archaeological site. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk around it to admire the white mill (1790), the ruins of the ancient temples of Athena and Poseidon (6th century BC), what remains of the cyclopean walls, and the remnants of the ancient dye workshops.

Ermioni’s coastal neighbourhood, designated a protected monument, stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant nightlife against a backdrop of glamorous yachts and picturesque fishing boats. From here, it is worth climbing to the top of Prona Hill to enjoy the view of the plain of Ermioni, the island of Hydra, and the neighbouring islet of Dokos.

The Monastery of the Holy Unmercenaries
Built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Asclepius, this historic 14th-century monastery boasts exceptional 17th-century frescoes of the Cretan school and some remarkable Byzantine icons. It is also well-known for its mineral springs and library.

Ermioni Toy Museum
This unusual museum takes visitors on a magical journey into the history of Greek childhood. The collection’s artefacts, some handmade, date from 1900 to 1960. Of particular interest are clay copies of ancient playthings, tin toys, puppets, musical instruments, and Karagiozis shadow theatre figures.

The Historical and Folklore Museum
Housed in the historic 18th-century stone mansion of the Economou family, this museum provides fascinating information about the city’s role in the 1821 Greek War of Independence. The Third National Assembly of 1827 was held here, while busts of local chieftains who fought for Greece’s emancipation stand in its garden.

Katafyki Gorge
Steep rocks, lush vegetation, caves, and the historic Church of Saint Nicholas (1740) make this a landscape of unique beauty. The gorge, accessed via an old stone bridge, is full of pine trees and natural springs, and leads to the village of Fourni. According to legend, the opening in the middle of one rock on the west side was the entrance to the underworld.

Tastes of Ermioni

Ermioni is a great place to enjoy fine fish and seafood netted by local fishermen. Try sun-dried octopus and grilled calamari, mydopilafo (rice with mussels), lobster linguine, red mullet, sardines, and whatever the catch of the day might be.

If you choose one of the itineraries for Ermioni, don’t miss traditional handmade pasta such as gogges or dromses, served with local mizithra or butter. The pomegranates grown in the area are also well worth trying. Make a stop in the village of Trachia to sample its fine cheeses and famous sourdough bread. Ermioni is also renowned for its excellent karydopita (walnut cake) and galaktoboureko (milk pie).

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