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Escape to the Island with the Special Natural Beauty

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Discover Agistri

Agistri, which lies just 55 minutes from Piraeus, is the smallest of the Saronic Islands.  According to legend, its name comes from the allure of its natural beauty for travellers, who never want to leave once it has got its hook (“Agistri”) into them.

The whole island resembles a floating pine forest, rich in vegetation and aromatic herbs. It is heaven on earth for nature lovers, romantics, and would-be castaways looking for peace and tranquillity, while its beaches, with their exotic turquoise waters, are untouched by mass tourism. Fans of outdoor activities will enjoy cycling and hiking on its endless verdant trails, or horseback riding on the seashore. 

Agistri is a favourite destination for Athenians on a day trip or anyone wanting a weekend away from it all. If you have more time at your disposal, it makes a good base from which to discover the other dazzling islands of the Saronic Gulf.  

2 memorable experiences on Agistri
  1. Horseback riding on the seashore. Megalochori Equestrian Club offers lessons for beginners.
  2. A boat-trip around the coast to explore tiny exotic idylls such as Dorousa, Kira, Metopi (Agistri’s wine region) and the rocky islet of Spalathronisi.
Beaches of Agistri

This lush green island is blessed with many fabulous beaches to suit all tastes: It is worth discovering:

  • Dragonera, a gorgeous stretch of sand surrounded by a pine forest with trees that come down to the turquoise sea. Facilities include a canteen and it is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset.
  • If you choose one of the itineraries to Agistri, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Mareza. Overlooked by pine trees, the rocks here are a great platform for a refreshing dive into deep crystal-clear waters.
  • Halikiada, an impressive beach preferred by nudists and lovers of seclusion. There are no amenities, so make sure you have everything you need before you go. You can reach it via a narrow dirt road from the village of Skala.
  • Skala, with tourist facilities, a restaurant and a beach bar, and the whitewashed Church of the Holy Unmercenaries in the background. The long golden stretch of sand with crystalline waters is particularly attractive to families with children.
  • Skliri, an official tourist beach surrounded by pines and offering superb views of neighbouring Aegina.
Postcards from Agistri: 6 things not to miss

The island’s charming capital, also known as Milos. Paved streets, stone houses with flower-filled courtyards, and traditional cafes create an idyllic setting from another era. At the edge of the harbour, the distinctive windmill adds an additional fairy-tale touch.

The Church of the Virgin Mary
One of the main attractions in the picturesque Metochi, a village high in the hills. It is a spot offering unparalleled views of the sea and the sunset. The hiking trail that leads here is among the island’s most popular, passing as it does through natural surroundings of extraordinary beauty.

Lekani salt-lake
An impressive waterscape in the heart of a pine-covered paradise between the village of Limenaria and the islet of Aponisos. Combine a tour of the area around the lake with a stop at the pretty Church of Saint Nicholas.

This islet with blue-green waters is a jewel of the Saronic Gulf.  Connected to Agistri by a narrow bridge, it can also be reached by boat. Its small flat rocks are good for diving off, while the sea offers unique opportunities for snorkelling and exploration. It is perhaps the loveliest place from which to watch the sun setting over the Saronic Gulf.

Hiking paths
The best way to discover the island’s untouched splendours is to follow its wonderful footpaths. Don’t miss the route from Skala to Megalochori via Metochi, which at sunset is among the most enchanting inland walks.

All Saints Church
The most spectacular vantage point from which to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Saronic archipelago. It is located above Megalochori, at the highest point of the island.

Tastes of Agistri

On Agistri, you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood from the Saronic Gulf, as well as excellent local cuisine. If you book your ferry tickets to Agistri, don’t miss the opportunity to try the traditional braised rooster.

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