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Cancellation Policy from 15/04/20-06/07/20 (FEK 84/Α/13-4-2020) - COVID-19

According to the Act of Legislative Content (Measures to address the ongoing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic), published in the Greek Government Gazette 84/A/13-4-2020, the provisions of Article 65 (Refunds from maritime travel cancellations) come into force as of 15/04/2020 until 06/07/2020 and therefore the Company’s cancellation policy is modified as follows: 

Passengers with tickets issued until 06/07/2020, for travel until 31/10/2020, who cannot travel due to travel restrictions, or who do not wish to travel due to uncertainty because of the pandemic or due to cancellation of their scheduled sailings, must convert their tickets to open date tickets at least 24 hours before departure. Open date tickets can be used on a next trip to any destination served by Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways, within the period of eighteen (18) months from the date of departure of the original tickets. 

In case the passenger wishes to travel on a date or in an accommodation category for the same or different destination, with a higher fare than the fare of the original ticket, then the resulting fare difference should be paid. 

In case that open date tickets have not been used by the end of the 18 months period, then the passengers are entitled to receive 100% of the fare of the open date tickets they have in their possession.

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